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yo [16 Apr 2004|02:56pm]
hey everyone, happy spring break!!! it has been so so boring, but so relaxing for myself, i hope it has been good for you too. all ive done this whole break is.. go to palm springs for a few days, party, work,seep and go to the gym. its been sweet. I got to hang out w talon yesterday when we went to lunch, and kyle last night which was cool. this weekend should be tight, my brothers friend is having a party on saturday but my weekend is pretty much blown because im working fri sat and sun nights till 10. i love my job though so its ok. Enjoy the rest of break love you all.. stay mellow.. xoxoxoxo.

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[27 Mar 2004|10:45am]
Whats up everyone? This weekend is so boring.. im so bored i just went to the gym and im gonna probly go back in like an hour. Why isnt there anything to do? Oh well.. im gonna go to the mall and then pick up a job application, so have a good day every1 .. stay mellow

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4 William [20 Mar 2004|10:30am]
[ mood | crazy ]

I forgot to mention that I saw WILLIAM at the swim meet on Sunday that I went to with Katie on our road trip to mission viejo. He has the nicest body EVER!! OH MAN!! I could not get over it. Plus he was probably the best swimmer there. There were some hot ones, but none compared to william. I'm gonna go make him brownies because he is soo hot & sexy. Stay mellow . xoxo

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Hey [15 Mar 2004|05:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey everybody! How's it going? This weekend was super chill... Friday night there was a party 1 block away from my house which was the cool part.. i mean the party in itself wasn't that fun, there were plenty of chill people there, but eh.. the cool part was that it was one block away. I could have walked, but i didn't. I met this college guy who will not stop calling me now, but its okay.. i forget his name. Mike boudreau spilled beer all over my shirt, which was white, but it was alright. People were pretending to be drunk as their "excuse" as to why they were being bitches, which I think is really gay, but oh well.. So the guy throwing it shoved all of us inside and told us to "SHUT THE FUCK UP" and whisper or something like that, and when you have like 100 people in a room who are all wasted or stoned, good luck trying to get them to all whisper and keep inside voices.. i doooont think so. So he came back in and yelled at us all again and this time no one even began to listen so the dick yelled "THIS PARTY IS OVER"!!!! Everyone was pretty chill with that though, we were all beginning to get lung cancer since there was so much fucking smoke in the room so we all "evacuated" and as I was walking out I ran into a friend who was about to head back to a party he had just come from. I decided to follow him there since Blake was there, and I wanted to see him. I chilled at that party for a little while, but I had to leave to be home by curfew. It was saddening to my heart to have to leave. Im over it. Anyways, so that was my Friday. Saturday was a different story. Most of the day I kicked it at home and like cleaned my room and shit. My mom and I went to curves and joined the "woment fitness club". It was the funniest experience of my life. It's gonna be so funny when I start going. Lmao! My friend Amber came over and we chilled, her kuuipo is in town from reno so she was WAY stoked to see him. We were all gonna go surfing, but by the time we actually were about to leave it was already 4 so we decided against it. Smart move. She came over 3 times that afternoon, im not too sure the reasoning, but we had a chill day. The "group" was celebrating Nicole's birthday on saturday night, so we got all dressed up .. sorta .. and went to dinner at Miceli's. It was fun, but the night was akward since im really not friends with that many people who were there. It was akward but I just um went with things I guess you could say. Nicole's mom threatened some girls that she would give breathalizer tests so everyone was in a shitty mood which didn't help the akward atmosphere, but whatever. Katie's pants got a hole in them, so before we all went out to party, me her and breanna went back to Nicole's to change our clothes and stuff. We rocked out to Jessica simpson in the car, and katie lit a match in my car. Breanna got out my lighter to "you've got a friend" .. it was funny. So, I was gonna go chill with blake since the party we were supposed to go to was right by where he was, but it ended up he was in sherman oaks, so i dropped katie and bre off with Hunter, katie's friend and they all went to meet up with everyone else. I went to Blake's friends house and there were like 10 guys and they were all drinking and smoking and having a good time. It was weird bc david was there, and i dont like david, but oh well. Greg kept giving me shit about my outfit so i changed so he would shut the fuck up. We all partied if thats what you'd call it for a while.. and then I had to go. I met back up with the other girls at nicoles house at 12, and me and joanna baked a cake. sort of, she really made it, but i stirred it a little lol. It was soooo good. Joanna wore her shoes until she got in bed, but um whatever she wants to do is cool. She is soooo funnny. Nicole told some really stupid ghost stories and I passed out hardcore around 2. Katie hung up on blake at 3 when he called. Oh well.. sorry blake. Me and katie woke up at 6:30 and left by 7 for our road trip to mission viejo!!! The mexican guy who cleaned the driveway at the gas station complimented me on my eyes, which was so funny.. katie thought he asked what kind of juicy i was wearing.. i dont know where she got that one from lol. We got to brocks swim meet after getting lost once.. and these butch swimmer girls were making fun of us because we looked cute.. stupid bitches, oh well.. we went to lunch with diana and chelsea at cheesecake factory and then started on our mission home. We were dancing to rap and this black guy in a pos jeep was laughing at us. Then this olllld dad in an old mercedes who was listening to toxic was staring at us, so i rolled down the window and kindly informed him we were only seventeen and to keep his eyes off. Oh my, then we saw these HOT HOT HOT guys from UCSB, oh man!! And the finale to our voyage was the funniest. So we see these two black guys in the NICEEEE mercedes and they pull up next to us and the guy asks us for our number, he calls us and were talking, and i asked him how old he was.. he was like.. um im older than 30 and i was like oh shit were 17, so he hands the phone over to his SON!! who was 17 too.. his name was barry, it was sooo funny though so we got barrys number and im sure well never call him but it was still funny.. he has a really hot dad. So that was it, that was the end to my weekend, last night i just slept a lot a lot and that was it. I hope everyone's weekends went well, and hope u partied hard and had fun. I know I did! Stay mellow. xoxo

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[08 Mar 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | meLLow ]

i just wrote a huge unsightful happy and mellow entry, but somehow i erased it. just know i love every one of you. XOXO stay mellow

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Hawaii pics 04' [25 Feb 2004|03:51pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Hey.. so here are some of the Hawaii Pics.. enjoy =)

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Valentines day [14 Feb 2004|04:53pm]
[ mood | heartbroken ]

Hey everyone, doesn't it seem love is in the air everywhere you turn? I personally hate valentines day, its not that i dont have a valentine, its just whats the purpose.. i think its way overrated, and i mean it makes people feel bad if they dont have one which isnt nice at all. its a nice holiday if youre cool enough to have someone want to take you on a date but if not then i mean you just feel like shit. its got stupid written all across it if you ask me. Anyways, tonight im not too sure of the plans.. because of recent dealings with friends and exes and whatnot im just not in the mood to do anything.. i kinda just want to kick it.. in my pink pajamas and relax. too many things on mind to write, or else i would be spilling my heart out about everythin thats been going on, there really is too much drama in my life. i hate it.. im out.. stay mellow and have a lovely valentines day.

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Home from Hawaii! [11 Feb 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey everyone, whats going on? Wow this past week has been GREAT! I didn't go to school today because i didnt get home from the airport till 1. Plus the time difference would have made it suck and felt like 4 when i wokle up for school so fuck that. Anyways, Hawaii was amazing. We ended up practicing for the pro bowl at University of Hawaii and I FELL IN LOVE with that place. I want to go there so bad, its crazy. Definitely my first choice. Katie and i are going to live on the bluff. lol. Okay so we stayed at the shittiest Radison hotel ever, and we were stuck cheering a lot, bye w hen we got time off we went to our parents hotel at the hilton where all the pro bowl football players were staying so it was chill. I met this hot guy on the plane from SD oh man! and then a few locals who worked at the rental shack on the beach. There were so many weird ass cheerleaders there it was so funny. Our leaders name was Josie, but she told us we could call her Josie grosie.. im not sure why anyone would want to be called that, but she liked it i guess. We fucked with her so much. One night me katie and vanessa turned off all the lights and dimmed one in the corner and opened our hotel room door awaiting josie's arrival to check in on us at 11 and like we put bibles on the floor and all layed in one bed and pretended we were meditating. she walked in and was liek what the hell are you guys doing. Katie asked her to join and she liek jumped on the bed with us. fucking weird. then we told her about these two people who were fucking across the way on their balcony and she was liek "OH WHERE"??? and ran out to our balcony to search for the love makers. then she told us she was a horndog and hadnt gotten any in the past week either. it was so funny lmao.. hahahahahahah shes so fucking weird, curly mofo and then we asked her what she was doing at night and she said she didnt dress like that for nothing, i wonder what she was implying, eh?.. grose. haah so anyways, we fucked with that weirdo so much. okay.. one other funny moment of the trip.. katie and vanessa were out on the balcony and katie asked vanessa what bathing suit she was gonna werar tomrrow and vanessa said, my black one, and so katie goes, im gonna wear my black one too and vanessa goes "YOU COPYCAT" okay so now ever since then katie had been saying you copycat in the weirdest voice, just listen youll hear her. sO Ya, game tonight, and im gonna go drop off my pictures to get developed from hawaii trip. il post them asap ok.. love you all.. xoxo- stay mellow

p.s.- WERE TAN

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Winter Formal 04' Baby [02 Feb 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Winter Formal '04!!!Collapse )

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[27 Jan 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey everyone, hows your night going? Mines going great.. i just watched how to deal that mandy moore movie.. i wasnt too impressed, but it was cute. School today was so long.. definitely boring as well.. After school I kicked it with Anthony, Johnny, and Tracy from val which was cool. You know, today I thought about how cool it is to know that everyone has straight a's right now. Awesome!! This semester im getting a 4.0 lmao.. lol.. ill try anyways. so ya, tomorrow will probably be just as boring as today was.. we have SAT prep tomorrow which is so fucking gay. Exchange day is Thursday.. im not too thrilled about guys being at school, but i mean at least its a day without homework and shit. Plus, before school im meeting up with some homies to "chill". I heard we have mass at Louisville on exchange day.. fucking gay. Oh well theres nothing i can do about it. After that i have cheer.. pretty stupid as well, and Friday night we have a game against LOYOLA. I seriously cant wait to see Talon and whoever else might show up. Im not sure if im going out after that, but possibly to Malibu to kick it. Should be cool. 4 more days till Winter Formal and 9 till Oahu. Can't wait. I hope everyone has a chill next few days. stay mellow. peace.

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random pictures for vanessa [26 Jan 2004|08:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

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hey [26 Jan 2004|04:23pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Please no hostility in the comments.. if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say it. But you got me thinking, why are people mean to others...? Is it to make themselves feel better about their sorry selves who probably are too stupid to make up as tite a live journal as mine.. because I dont get it?.. why cant everyone just be nice?.. its hard to be so HGL like me.. lol.. but seriously try. Maybe you'll see some positive in yourself if you can at least be a nice person. If you are ugly, stupid, boring, gay, straight, whatever the hell you are, if you're nice, then it doesnt matter. Everyone should try to see through the outside features of people, and realize that what's important is on the inside. With that I am off, to delete mean comments and such and have a wonderful end to a wonderful day. Stay mellow, peace.

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Hey [25 Jan 2004|03:19pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Whats up everyone... how is the weekend going so far? Mine is pretty damn good. Last night was really cool. I went down to the Loyola basketball game to see TALON, trevor, seton, tim, seb, the crew of theirs. Loyola won, of course only because the coach put Tal in.. lol.It was good to be sitting on the winning side for once considering the fact that although our basketball team is ok, they, in actuality, suck. So after the game, we went to In-N-Out in Westwood, my first time in Westwood, so it was pretty cool, they have a huge in n out and the food was amazing like usual. After that I took Trevor to his house to pick up his car and we went over to this girl Betsy's house, it was so huge and pretty and we watched Ace Ventura 2.. my first time seeing that as well (very funny movie). Oh! and random.. my most mellow friend in the world Cameron happened to show up, verrry weird and random, but I'm glad he was there. I had to go pick up my brother from his friends house because he decided to experiment with some things he shouldnt have... for his first time... not too good, so i got him and took him home and we passsssed out.. today i took my brother Reid bowling.. i bowled a 176.. pretty damn good if you ask me..compared to him at least he only got a 78 lmao. oh well, now im home and bored .. but so glad i dont have to do anything for the next two days! 6 days till winter formal and 11 until Hawaii! can't wait. if anyone hears of anything going on tonight let me know. its time to get partying! stay mellow! peace

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[24 Jan 2004|02:22pm]
[ mood | meLLow ]

BreakSomeFingers: cute as a button

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MtotheEtotheLLOW [24 Jan 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hey everyone.. hows it going on this fine Saturday afternoon. Man! it is cold outside, i sort of wanted to go surfing, but i think thats OUT of the question. Its fucking freeeezing up in here. Anyways, last night was crazy insane! I went to this party on Reseda and Superior and they had jello shots, those are so tight.. haha.. but ya it was pretty chill.. a lot of people rolled but this one girl was being so gay and was telling everyone to leave bc the cops were there, even though they werent.. what a joke.. but ya so i kicked it with Amber at the party and then Liam, Dima, Adam, Dustin, Mike, and some other of their friends rolled up and we were all kicking it. It was cool.... lol..... anyways, we all decided to bone out to get some taco bell. I went home at about 12:30 back to ambers, then went out again from like 1-3 damn homie i was up late and now im so tired.. =) its all good i had a good time. I saw natasha as i was leaving the party in a white car with some people i didnt know and i think i accidentally kissed her, but it was ok bc i was dreezed. Anyways the party was hesh, hopefully there will be a tight one tonight, if not then im rolling out to the WeSt SIde to kick it with Talon, Trev and them. Hope you all have a wonderful day...be safe and party hard tonight.. oh ya.. stay mellow... ;)

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Hey! [21 Jan 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | super mellow ]

Alright, so..... I think I better start studying, if i don't I'll lose my A in History that I have worked my ASS off for all semester and if i don't get at least a 50% on my Biology final, then I don't pass the class, and that would blow.. another Summer wasted away in summer school at Crespi, not too appealing if you ask me. Anyways, I just got home from the dentist and I have had this one cavity and it kills, and the doc said its a millimeter away from being a root canal... sooooo NOT good, so i have to go back tomorrow to see if they can save me before I die! also I'm dying my hair again tomorrow DARK DARK brown because its not dark enough! Tomorrow is such a buuuuuuuuuuusy day but its all good because tomorrow night. PARTY PARTY PARTY. I am so stoked I have a 4 day weekend!!! My school kix (sometimes). FINALS FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that i've spoken my mind im about to drive to the palisades to see my Arika and study with her for Bio.. ouch.. anyways ill post later on. Stay Mellow. - Peace

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FUCK FINALS [20 Jan 2004|10:13pm]
There you go, i added in the fuck finals truck so EVERYONE can see it!

Pass the Fuck Finals Truck around and it will bring u luck on your finals.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| ||
| FUCK FINALS | ||'|";\,___.
|_..._...______===|=||_|__|...,] |

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Super Mellow Yo [20 Jan 2004|09:45pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Whats up everyone? How is studying (or not studying) as my story goes, for finals? Its so funny the things you do when you dont want to study, for example, i have organized and reorganized and reorganized my shoe collection ever since friday.. i have started collecting packets of condiments from fast food places, and I have gone to the gym more than i ever have in my entire life. I feel more accomplished though, its weird, because like I know I'm gonna fail all my finals, so why not do something that is productive instead of sitting around studying?.. ya i know that sounds so stupid, but I can't help my non studying urges. Anyways, countdown to Hawaii with Katie, Vanessa and Tina :16 days. SIXTEEN!!! and countdown to Winter Formal: 11 Days.. I used to be really excited about formal, but I know its not going to turn out how I want it to. Its all good though, things can't ALWAYS go my way. If you havent seen the fuck finals truck thats being passed around you have to, its pretty funny, but its getting old. about 10005898538 people have sent it to me to try to gain luck on their finals, face it honey, you're not gonna do better just because the stupid link says you will if you send it to a shit load of poeple. Its okay though, feel cool and be confident that you will do well, and you will. Good luck everyone and stay super mellow.

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Ouch school sucks [16 Jan 2004|12:02pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Well me and Natasha Vo are in study hall right now, its really stupid, were looking up dresses on the internet for Winter Formal and not finding anything. All the dresses on the internet are so ugly, i swear they're for people like who cant just get off their ass and go find one at the mall, or Melrose or the Beverly center or something. Actually, nevermind, I think I've done that before... weird, god im sucha hypocrite. Anyways, the Atkins diet is going successful as of now, I've lost 9 pounds since monday, but I think i gained one back today since i ate a rice crispy treat and jordans peanut butter brownie.. ouch. Anyways ITS FRIDAY! OW OW! ANd its time to PARTY EVERYONE!! I'm not sure of anything going on yet, but I will be sure to pist anything cool. Anyways, everyone be safe tonight, and goooood luck studying for FINALS next week. Party hard! - Kels

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[15 Oct 2003|07:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

wow i think i really fucking hate the way live journal erases your events and everything you just wrote when you click on something.. very annoying.. now i must re-write everything.. sucks.. ok so...... anyways, today me, vanessa, jordan, katie, danielle, nicole and tina went to the museum of tolerance with the class and some other people.. it was pretty cool.. very sad though! Jordan and I found a super sexy tour guide and we were "shakin out thangs" for him lmao.. so anywho.. after the whole museum deal we went to roxbury park in beverly hills to have lunch and stuff. On the way there we yelled out the windows to the ralphs picketers.. very funny. On the bus ride home we were all squished together.. not a very pleasnt ride, and when we got backto school we had to "journal" about what we had learned. Very retarded considering we decided to burn our pen caps in the "reflection candles" haha then danielle made up a tyte rap and made the day! anyways.. i hope everyone else had as fun a day as me! - peace- kelsey

Name: Kelsey
Nickname(s): Kels, Kelso, Neglet, Hooker
Initials: K.J.H.
Piercings: 6 soon to be 7
Tattoos: none
Height: 5'9" and a half
Shoe Size: 9
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Neither
Hair Color: brownish blondish in between
Siblings: 2 brothers
Glasses/Contacts: nope im a perfect 20/20
Braces: not anymore thank the lord
Do you have any pets?: where do i start.. my puppy shihtzu- Lola, my cats Roxy and Rusty, my desert tortoise- Goldberg.
You get embarrassed: NEVER!
What makes you happy?: Being tan, not having roots, listening to good music and relaxing
What upsets you?: family, bad grades, yucky boys

Movie you saw in theaters: The Matchstick man
Movie you saw at home: Orange County
Song you listened to: 311- Amber
Song stuck in your head: The starting line- nohings gonna stop us now
Cd you bought:why buy when you can make
Cd you listened to: The starting line
Person you've called: Anthony Urquidez
Person that's called you: Anthony
TV show you've watched: Cribs
Person you were thinking of: Anthony… <3
Book you read: Minds
Meal you ate?: chicken
Noise you heard?:my puppy barking
Smell you sniffed?: Escada ibiza hippie
Time you went out of state/province?: Summer

You have a crush on someone: yea
You think about suicide: yea
Others find you attractive: i hope
You want more piercings: 1 more this sat
You like cleaning: i get in the mood.. very rarely
You like roller coasters: yeah X at mgc mtn was amazing
You write in cursive or print: print.. except 4 love letters

Long distance relationships: im partial at the moment
Using someone: against
Suicide: partial
Killing people: against
Driving drunk: against

Ever cried over a boy: haha i cant believe thats even a ?.. of course i have way 2 many times
Ever lied to someone: yea
Ever been in a fist fight: yeah
Ever been arrested: nope

Shampoo do you use: sheer blonde by john frieda
Are you scared of: clowns, scary movies, heartbreak

Of times I have been in love?: 1.5
Of times I have had my heart broken?: 2
Of hearts I have broken?: 0
Of girls I have kissed?: 1
Of boys I have kissed?: now that ones a secret
Of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?: maybe 1
Of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: 1
Of scars on my body?: a lot
Of things in my past that I regret?: 0 i don't live in the past, or wish to change it. the past is what makes up who i am today and im pretty happy with myself.

Pretty: occasionally.. makeup helps
Funny: mm.. im not sure
Friendly: very
Ugly: for sure
Loveable: yeah
Caring: yes

Actor/Actress: adam sandler/cam diaz
Candy: resses
Cartoon: rocket power
Cereal: honey bunches of oats/ captian crunch/ trix/ lucky charms/ smacks
Color(s): hot pink/ lime green/ bright yellow/ blue/ green
TV Show(s): room raiders woo hoo!
Movie(s): step into the liquid, happy gilmore, a league of their own, pay it forward
Day of week: saturday
Least fave day: monday
Flower: pink roses/ gardenia
Jello flavor: lime
Special skills/talents: haha snowboarding wakeboarding, surfing sometimes
Summer/Winter: Summer for wake and surf winter for snowboarding
Wal-mart or target?: Target yay! wall mart is yucky and 11 cents and hour is gay
Spring or Fall?: fall
Trampolines or swimming pools: i have a trampoline it gets old.. pools

Slept in your bed: myself
Saw you cry: my religion class
Made you cry: anthony
You went to the movies with: chris, oliver, tina
Yelled at you: Mom
Sent you an email: kevin walkup

Gone out in public in your pajamas: i live in them
Kept a secret from everyone: yepp
Cried during a movie: yea
Been on stage: yeah
Been to New York: nope
Been to California: haha
Hawaii: lived there half my life haha
China: nope
Canada: no and proid... "whose aboot that ay"
Europe: i was supposed to this summer
Africa: nope
South America: nope
Australia: im going to live there.. i swear
Wished you were the opposite sex: all the time.. boys have it so easy!

Criminal record?: haha im clean!
Do you speak any other languages?:very bad spanish a little hawaiian
Name some of your favorite things in your bedroom?: bed, ceiling, computer, all my pictures
Who you love: hard to say
Who you miss: anthony
What time is it now?: 9:48 pm
What are you gonna do after you finish this?: try hw then give up and call anthony back

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